Friday, November 25, 2005

Cor and Kris, long time partners in crime, decide we want to go Christmas shopping. Unfortunently the nearest Wal*mart is over an hour away. What to do?
They are not girls to sit around when faced with a problem. They put their heads to the matter. They think. And think. And then Cor strikes upon a solution.
"We could drive your car!"
"No," says Kris decisively, "gas costs too much money."
"Oh," says Cor. And they settle down to think some more.
Finally they have a good idea. They remember a form of transportation knowing to most of the English speaking world as hitch hiking.
On Kris' next days off (cause she works) they get up early (Kris is in a surly mood due to talking on the phone after midnight the night before). They step into their baggy jeans, button up their plaid shirts, lace up their hiking boots, and belt on their knives. It's light by time they're walking out of town. It takes a while to get used to thumbing passing vehicles.
Kris is obnoxious. She thinks she knows about hitch hiking since she's ridden with lots of them, and her Dad did it across Canada. She keeps trying to tell Cor to stick her thumb up better.
Their first ride comes along soon. They know this woman. She is a homeschooled mom, firendly, all around safe. All good. They climb in and ride a kilometer or so out of town.
Fifteen minutes along comes another ride. Pretty cool ride. Except Kris has to ride in the back with a weiner dog named Sasha. The diver is Czech, friendly, interesting. He's going about halfway to their destination.
"Cool," think Cor and Kris, "This is pretty easy."
They start walking again. Kris wishes she wore long johns. She wishes her boots didn't hurt her little toe. Cor gloats. She is glad she wore pj pants and that her boots don't hurt.
They walk for a very long time. Or so they think. They eat granola bars and Cor blows her nose many times. They thumb a lot of vehicles. Not very many pick them up.
Kris thumbs one vehicle. She sees a man with long curly hair and a baseball cap driving an old pick-up. Said truck pulls over.
Kris and Cor find themselves in the back seat of a beat-up pick-up with two grungy longhaired redneck types smoking a joint and using coarse languages while talking about course subjects in the front.
It is interesting. But they get to their destination with only minor harm to their lungs, braincells, and innocence.
Thus passes the first time Cor and Kris went hitch hiking.
They spend a lot of money. But really, to be honest, the shopping was kind of an excuse to chalk up another experiance.
At time of writing they were halfway along in their little adventure.