Saturday, April 22, 2006

I'm sitting around in those fifteen minutes before work. You know how it is, watching the minutes tick by, waiting to see if you can hit the end of the chapter. Knowing one more shift and you're done for a couple days. And it's not even that work's that bad. It's just that you really like you're free time. Although a lot more so when you have less of it. Which is sort of the case lately. Although not all that bad.
So, you're housesitting. So you sit down at the laptop (I love laptops. I really kinda want a laptop) and just see what you can get out in those fifteen minutes. Because there's really nothing on t.v. And you don't feel like doing anything better with you're free time.
I'm really glad I don't have animals. Too much responsibility. Like, you can't spontaneously spend the the night. Because there's dogs to be fed. And I'm really not into indoor animals. At all. Unless they're fish and they stay in the tank. In which case they just look kind of cool.
And I'm sore. Which is my good excuse not to be moving around. Because, you know. I can't move around when I can't even touch my toes. Thanks to God for hard-core judo sessions. And I'm serious. Otherwise I probably wouldn't be motivated to get off the couch.
So tomorrow I'm going to the dojo to watch a kendo demonstration with some lady from Japan. Swords are cool. I don't think they're all that practical in today's world. But they're still really cool.
And then I've got biblestudy, which I need to find out if I need to plan something for.
Then there's my doctor appointment. Which is really just a physical. Which better be kept pretty basic. Hello, I'm healthy (and in the basement, again) and a virgin (no stds here) and you delivered me (so you kind of know my medical history). Now just check off the dang boxes.
And then I really hope my criminal record check gets finished in time. Because I don't want to pay for a stupid physical for nothing. But I'd decided to follow through in this whole applying to Katimavik thing. And let God deal with the rest. But do I really want to quit my job on the farm? Man, who thought I would get attatched to it. Com'on. It's a good life. And I kinda got it made. And I'm good at it.
Time is ticking. Do I really want to attack this?
And then my sister is leaving. My kid sister. My current confidant, if anyone deserves the title. She know's me better then anyone. And she's fun. If you can just ignore her when she's in a bad mood. And if you understand her. Which I do both. So I guess I'm missing her already. Which sucks. I mean, it's not like I live with them or anything. I just like knowing that she's there.
But the whole point is that she's my kid sister. She's not supposed to be moving on. Even if it's just for a five week practicum. What's next? I'm the only one that's supposed to move on. She's supposed to be there For when I need someone to dance with or to motivate me to eat more vegetables.
Shoot. There goes my alarm. Which means I have five more minutes, then work. And then, begin my weekend, baby!
Peace ya'll. And sorry about the wacked out blog post.