Saturday, February 20, 2010

So according to my current singular news source the flack that has been international coverage of the 2010 olympic games is starting to change over. 
Yes.  It's sad that a Georgian luge athlete was killed directly before the opening ceremonies.  I'm sorry it happens, and no 21 year old deserves to have their life ended like that.  But, really?  Luge is one of the world's most dangerous sports.  Stuff happens.
The snow situation sucks.  Look, this is my province, and it's my tax dollars that are paying out to have it shipped onto Cyprus.  Am I blaming officials?  Heck no.  It's unfortunate.  If we knew, when we put in our bid, that it was going to be the warmest season on record maybe we would've thought twice.  We didn't.  We're dealing.  And it's working out.  Period.
Oh, and Canada is losing multi-millions of dollars through these failing games in this failing global economy.  I say, really?  Give me solid numbers.  Yeah, the economy isn't great.  Maybe this is a chance for a boost.  It's impossible to figure out the money that has flowed into the province due to the games.  And, regardless, we'll have these great facilities for years to come.
And, right.  We granted countless hours of course training to our own athletes, and limited others.  That's why we're at the top of the medal count.
Oh, and prices!  did you know that local businesses are raising them because there is a inflated demand and thousands of extra people in town?!?!
Plus, there's more traffic!  Really.  How is this reasonable?
Seriously, I've always been a little upset at the whiners anyway.  And those "protesters".  Way to cost the province more.  What, do you expect them to call of the games after they've opened because a couple hundred intimidating individuals are busting store windows? 
We need something to celebrate once in a while.  What's wrong, really, with being excited that these Olympics 2010 are taking place here?  Why can't we all just cheer on our athletes?  Life is a little better.
So, there's a turn around taking place.  No major event like this ever comes off flawlessly, and I'm not denying that things couldn't have been better.  I just honestly think officials are doing a pretty decent job of dealing with the issues they've been handed.
I'm having a good time.  And I appreciate the Canadians who are cheering right along with me.  I'm not surprised the athletes themselves are complimenting Canada and our venue.  So, go team Canada.  Congratulations Vancouver 2010. 
Let's celebrate this country of ours.