Saturday, November 27, 2004

You have no idea what kind of ultimate ideas I have to write here. When I'm not in front of the computer, of course. And now that I am, I have no time and nothing worth saying. Go figure.

Wednesday, November 10, 2004

My boss (the younger on), came up to me the other day with that look on his face and told me we had to talk. My initial reaction, Oh, crap. What I said out loud, "Yeah?". He then shared with me that they had the chance to hire a very good experianced herdsman/milker. That made me really happy.
"But we've decided to stick with you."
Quite frankly, I would feel bad laying somebody off because somebody better came along too.
All he wanted to know was that I would be staying for a while, so they wouldn't be left in a month without any milker whatsoever.
So I said I thought I'd be there at least a year. so that's that. There's something that initially rebelled to the idea of having to stay in one place regardless. Ultimately, though, I know that I would be there that long anyway. So it's nice just to have the final, O.k., you're here. So just do it. I now have a year to sit back, and just work, get ahead, whatever. And when it's up, I'll probably stay on anyway. But if I've decided to move on, well, that's the point where I work towards my next goal.
"But don't feel like you have to keep me on."
"No, you're good. Yeah. You're good."

Wednesday, November 03, 2004

So much news, so little time.
I'm a college kid for two days. No toga parties, frat boys, or final exams though. Just a pretty basic first aid course.
I got a speeding ticket. Hasta suck. But one had to see it coming at some point. Now I just have to keep from getting another one. Can't really afford to lose my license at this point.
I went off sugar for a month. Sure, call me an idiot.
I have a cold. I could swear it's assosiated with the no sugar.
I got silver at our judo comp. Not to happy about it, there were only three competitors. I did beat the blue belt though.
I actually have three days off and got through a novel. Go me!
It snowed. Didn't stick, but did snow.
And there was so much more I have to say, but, of course, I can't remember it at this present time.