Thursday, July 29, 2004

What do you think about spirit?  I don't mean soul, as in the part of you that heads out after you're dead.  I mean that something in you. 
Does spirit only refer to the rebels in us?  The dreamers and doers.  How about the term "free spirit"?  Can someone's spirit be their piousness or gentleness?
Can a spirit be broken?  Is it wrong to break someone's spirit?  Is it better to have your spirit broken (I'm speaking mostly to the rebels here)?  Doubtless it's easier.  Can any spirit be broken?  If not how come it's in the young that the stuff seems to abound?  Does it naturally mellow out with age and experience?  Is it broken or just contained to the point where it seems natural.
Does this spirit even exist?  Is it just the fiestiness of those who won't bend and don't know their limits?  Maybe it's just a term for those who still have fight left in them. 
Is it actually something your born with?  Why do some of us seem to have more then others?  Can you learn to resist it early?  How do we know if we have "spirit".  Or do we all have spirit, just different kinds?  Is it something we should try to keep?  Even think about?  Or is it natural? 
Heh, I don't have the answers, but enough opinions to last awhile.  But I'll let you come to your own conclusions.

Saturday, July 24, 2004

Where is everyone, my blog is seemingly going through the wilderness.  Few items of note.
1. I bought a car yesterday.  Yup, she's awesome, light blue, Civic.  Older then me, rusty on the back fenders.  But yeah, I'm pretty happy with her so far.
2. I'm eighteen today.
3. I'm housitting again, no computer, which is partly why I'm not posting as often.  Also, I'm also still working like crazy.
And that's all I have to say right now.  Good-bye days when I could write nice posts everyday.  See you later.

Saturday, July 17, 2004

Let me tell you about my boss.  He's an older fella, and such a character.  His name...well, maybe I'd best not tell you his name.  But it's quite good.  Whenever he brings out a cookie or whatnot well milking he calls it a morsel.  He makes a point of scratching his cows, and rides around the farm on a rickety old bicycle.   
Here's the part I want to get to.  Today he asked me if I was into natural .  How do you answer that?  He proceeded to tell me about this great natural stuff called Willards Water and how it was so good for burns and scrapes and things.  He had a book he was going to lend me, but decided somebody else needed it more.  Five minutes later he returned with a spray bottle of the stuff and said he'd give me some to try.  I was kinda interested, sounded interesting anyway. 
He then started telling me how he uses it to brush his teeth.  Makes them whiter and makes gums healthy.  And how if you put it in your hair it will detangle faster.  Ect.  I must admit that's the point I started to get somewhat skeptical.
As I left I grabbed my sample of Willards Water and sprayed some in my mouth.  The stuff looks, tastes, and smells exactly like, well, water.  I could almost swear that's all it is.  I don't know what he mixes in there.  The website says something about road salt and canola oil (?).  Also some Scientific lingo and stuff that I don't get.
Now, tell me that's not a scam.  But my boss, he swears by it.  And I'm not the only one he's trying to convert.  Well, I'll try it, why not?  The stuff was free, and water doesn't hurt anyone.
Edit: sorry, my link isn't working. is where it is.

Thursday, July 15, 2004

I'm so tired I feel like I'm about to fall off my chair.  And nobody look at the time, because 8:00 is maybe a little early to be feeling this way.  At least until you hear that I got up at four.  Picked/milked 'till 1:00, and returned for another stint at 2:30.  But I think I should at least stay up till 9:00, then that way maybe I can sleep my way to 4:00 to do it all over again.
I've decided the two biggest drawbacks to working regularly are:
1, Not nearly so much free time.  Hey, I love my free time.  I mean, there is way to much stuff to cram into it.  Like, maybe sitting around or reading a book.
2, Missing out on stuff.  As I left for work Meg headed to the river with friends.  As I stayed home family went camping.  As I sit here now, too tired to move, siblings play soccer.  It's gotta suck.
I've think my ideal job looks something like this.  Get up at an hour suitable for my interests.  Eat a leisurely breakfast followed by any other things I want/need to do.  Spend an hour working from my home, or, if I want to go to my workplace, Spend an hour with luckily employed friends.  After feeling fufilled for the morning (of course, this job involves only doing things I love), I take a lunch break meaning I can meander around town and try various restaurants.  Afternoon involves several more hours of work after which I return to my inviting house to spend my time as I please, free of errands and chores.  Days off are chosen at my whim.  I am self employed, of course.  I make enough to keep myself comfortable.  Maybe all friends are employed by me so I give them days off when I want.  Oh yeah, did I mention that this job also requires me to take trips around the world for no apparent reason except observe various cultures and improve my understanding of people in general?
If anyone hears of a job opening like this that doesn't require any secondary education let me know and I'll send in my resume.
For now, let's see if I can make it for much longer before it's off to bed with another long day ahead.

Wednesday, July 14, 2004

Most of my family is off camping. Well I slave away. My schedule has just taken off again including about a twelve hour work day. Ah well, it's only for a couple weeks. I'm young, I wonder how far I can push that. My knees are already nigh those of an old lady's.
My eating habits aren't real good either. I don't eat much fast food, drink much pop, or whatnot. But they could still be better. Heh, for lunch I had a fudgicle. When I'm on my own I really eat a nasty diet. Plus, not a lot of excercize since judo ended. Some hiking and biking but that's about it. Oh, and soccer when I can fit it in. I must've put on ten pounds. I'm not weight sensitive, but I feel better when I'm in shape and eating right. Maybe if this milking job keeps up I'll be able to take judo again in the fall.
Anyway, another pointless post by yours truly. Wish me luck *yawns*.

Tuesday, July 13, 2004

O.k., I'm still typing from our home computer. See, nobody happens to be around the school, think it could have something to do with summer vacation? Anyway, so we haven't returned it yet. We might have to wait until fall. What a pity. Anyway, just thought I'd right my wrong and hopefully get back to posting.
I'm tired, my sleep schedule is all messed. Here's why, I spent Monday morning 4-7 a.m. on a dairy farm. I don't know that it's going to turn into a job yet, but maybe. Also have to get up early tomorrow morning. Cherry season approaches.
That's all I'm going to bother saying at this point in time. Maybe I'll get some sort of decent post out next time.

Wednesday, July 07, 2004

Dear avid readers and adoring fans:
I regret to inform you that for an unspecified amount of time my blog will be less frequently updated. I will attempt to bring you insightful posts at least once a week, but I am uncertain as to how often I will actually be able to manage it. Lest you require and explanation, my computer, which has served me so faithfully for a number of years, is to be returned to the evil school from which it came. This will pass in the very near future leaving me to my own devices. I will now be required to venture to our beloved public library at times of inspiration. The aforementioned inspiration is calling me to post at this moment, but I anticipate this being the final one before I am thrown into the waning masses of those without personal internet connection.
I thank-you ever so much for your faithfulness in reading this blog. Please do not be discouraged from continuing to pursue it,if it only need be less often. You all have my best wishes and I eagerly anticipate continued communication with you in the uncertain future.
Yours truly

Tuesday, July 06, 2004

When I was little I invented this dream of walking across Canada by rail. Yes, I suppose I was a much more ambitious youngster then I grew up to be. Still, the dream persists, although I know it will never happen. Oh, don't give me any comments about the impracticality of it, I'm quite aware. I suppose I'm pessimistic enough you probably shouldn't fuel it. I know it would take far too long, it would be dangerous for a young girl (one part of being a girl which desperately sucks), I would get caught in awful weather, ect.
Still, every time I wander down the tracks they seem to call me on. They have this certain allure. There's something so intriguing about seeing this country by the route on which it was built. The railway evokes such a sense reminisce, adventure, and sunshiney days. I guess it comes from spending my life growing up next to the tracks. I don't ever remember being woken by the train whistle but if I hear it at night I simply find it a very secure sound. On our first trip to Mexico I missed it, but didn't realize 'till my first night home when I heard it.
So I'll never walk across Canada by rail. Through the wilderness, the small towns, and the cities. But it's still fun to think about. Man, the adventures, trials, and triumphs one would experience.
Now hopping freight cars, that would be a whole experience on it's own...
Yeah, I'm a dreamer, and not much else.

Sunday, July 04, 2004

We got up at six thirty, grabbed our icecream buckets and headed down the tracks. Why? Today was saskatoon berry festival in the neighborhood. We at stacks of Saskatoon pancakes and saskatoon waffles with saskatoon sauce and whipping cream. In the end we have saskatoons to freeze and use in the future for muffins or whatnot. A pretty fun tradition we started years ago. It's gone through pie making contests and the whole neighborhood to just a couple families. Yeah, it's one of those things about growing up around here. Strange traditions that no one remembers starting.

Friday, July 02, 2004

Everyone, my hair is about as short as I remember it being. Here's the comments I get.
a) Oh! It's so cute! (not sure I was going for cute, but whatever)
b) Is that natual curl? (all, my hair is not curly, it's just got a little extra wave. I guess common folk can't tell when it's braided.)