Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Everything is starting to sound, look, and taste like Mexico. And soon enough I'll be there. And it's exciting. But, as usual, a touch intimidating. I'm not used to it anymore. I'll feel awkward trying to speak Spanish. And like I stand out in the Ley (grocery store). And like it would've been easier to stay home. But I'll ride bikes with Mexican kids. And dance to mariachi music. And Order Empenadas with ease. Because it's all tantilizingly familiar in a long-gone sort of a way.
And maybe I'll be back out of place when I get back to Canada. But nope. It's only two months. And I'll keep in touch. Maybe this time I can have the best of both. Well, except the parties I'm not there for.

Thursday, January 05, 2006

It's another all-nighter. But this one is different. 'Cause Cor actually does it too and then comes to work the next morning. It's a good shift. As far as that goes. And I won't be back for a bit.
It's a long morning nap. Nothing new about that. Then many errends around town. Most of them twice. Then some reading in a lame attempt to finish my library book. No such luck.
It's getting a call. "We're leaving tonight".
"Right," I reply, "that's just great".
So I pack in half an hour, then go up to a friends for supper. Pancakes with sourcream and syrup. And I feel weird the whole time.
I wonder what I forgot.
It's a first poker night. I have no idea what I'm doing, play conservative, and lose. But it's fun anyway, even if I'm in a weird frame of mind and hardly even laugh at the jokes. After months of saying I want to learn, it'd better be.
My stuff's in my car. And it's straight to my parent's. Because we're off. And my sister stands in the driveway watching us go. This is weird.
It's a big envelope. Full of letters from friends. Plus a parcel from my sis. All dated. And I can't even start opening them 'till the twelvth. It is cruel. I am loved.
It's driving too late. And falling asleep to the rocking of the bus. It's back to Mexico baby!
I want the best of both.