This is Because or Why Not and I am Kris. 
 Here's a little bit about both of us.

I love many things.  
I've always been tough, curious and adventurous.  
Stubborn, practical and dedicated.  
Disorganized, and passionate.  

I've done many things, with little to show for it.  
I'm A tomboy with a love of plaid and hiking boots.  
A writer, both here and elsewhere.  
I'm Canadian, a friend, a sister to four awesome siblings, and married to my best friend. 
 I'm a traveler, a dedicated Christian and small town girl
 I've seen much of the world and worked more jobs then most of you. 
 I crave experience of every type.

Now, Because or Why Not is my blog.  I hope you'll love it, as I do.  
It's been it's current self since March 2010.  
Anything else will is a tiny glimpse into my past.  
A past that was title "Barefoot in Summer."  
I miss that younger blog.  It was a naive, flippant and set in it's little ways.

But, let's be honest.  The new blog is better.  
I'll write some memory, some ramblings, and a lot of isolated little glimpses into my thoughts.  
I'll do my best to keep them relevant, honest, and thought provoking or funny. 
 The rest is up to you.