Monday, February 26, 2007

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O.k. That`s that. This house is insane. We`re ''packed''. Hard to believe we`re leaving. Saying goodbye to the school was hard. The Cegep, not so much. I`m glad to anounce that I did manage to finish my movie. And then I was talking to my host mom (who works there), and she said it was good and that she`s using it for recruiting next year.
I think the group is ready to move on. Even I am definitely getting excited about the next stop. There are both good and bad things to anticipate. I think a lot of us will be taking advantage at the chance of a new start. We won`t be able walk everywhere, like we can here. No more Tim Hortons, or Rafiot. We`ll pretty much double the population where we`re going to be at. Like I said, both good and bad.
It`ll be interesting. It always is. Goodbye to Val d'Or. It`s time, I think.

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Meet my group. Top picture, top bunk L to R: Elyse, Clara, Rosie. Bottom bunk Tim, yours truly, Cass, and Tom.
Middle picture. Starting far left and clockwise: Jess, Laura, Elyse, Tim, Big Thom, Clara, Cass, Little Tom, and me again.
Bottom picture. Snowboarding baby! L to R, Me (surprize!), Elyse, Tim, Clara, Rosie.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Big Thom`s home! Things are starting to look up!
It's times like this that I hate Katimavik. I love the group, I just hate the way we operate. Why the heck do we have to do a final pres anyway? Where is it going to get anyone? No one will even care next week. Least of all me. I'll just be glad it's over. Why are we having open house? Who'll really come? Why all this planning, stress, and organizing for something that's gonna bomb anyway?
Why don't we get things done when we know we have to? Guess what, I'm the organized one right now. Can you imagine that? Last night in the middle of trying to get something together There was a nice blow-up over Clara's dreadlocks. Yup, the only good thing is that I was proud of Rosie for (mostly) keeping her head and actually staying in the room (most of the time).
Then one of the guys went and stuck his penis with a safety pin, since his fly was broken. It was the only funny part of last night ("It must be a sign when you stab your own penis on Valentines Day."). Then Jess made him clean up the blood in the bathroom. Other then that we had issues with pictures, French, decorations (Laura and Rosie), and just about everything else.
Plus, Big Thom is in Montreal. No gurantees that he'll be back in time, and we need his laptop. We also need a projector, which we also don't have .
And life is good.
In twenty four hours it'll be over and I'll have half a days proofreading (at $1.50 wage) for the highschool English teacher until we begin our fourty eight hours (where I'll do whatever the heck I want). Ask me then. I might strongly recommend Katimavik again at that point.