Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Currently life is a bit different then I've known it for the past few years (go figure). One of the differences is I actually can always find some sort of productive thing to fill every waking hour. Which means reading becomes a novelty. Sitting about is an absolute time waster. Hanging out with friends is a survival tatic. And one which is on my list above cleaning and such. I've letters that were meant to be written weeks ago, books that are months old and still untouched, and boxes sitting on my kitchen floor.
I remember last year I would anticipate judo simply because there was nothing much to fill my time as it came. Now I anticipate it because it's a fun break in a crazy life. Sleep is actually a limited part of life. I never find time to lie on my bed and listen to music. Cooking is and interesting idea of something people with time do. The rest of us eat mini-wheats, yogurt, and chocolate chips. Somewhere along the line shopping, cleaning, and organizing the bathroom wriggled their way onto my "to do" list. Not near the top, admittedly, but there none the less.
I think I can manage it verily well. My priorities are perhaps in different order then most housekeepers. My morning nap (say, 8 to 11) comes in above most other. I always knew that when out on my own I wouldn't be one to panic because the floor needed mopping. And I would certainly never turn down a good time because I had errends to run. I do that enough due to work.

Friday, September 24, 2004

A Fish Story

Yesterday Kristen and I went to nearby city name here, to raid the second hand stores and have a good time. After we had done that, we decided to go for a walk in the woods. So we did. We walked, and walked, and walked, up hill and down, fording canyons, climbing mountains, till we came to a beautiful mountain lake. We waded in the crystal clear waters until our feet almost had hypothermia, and then we decided to go fishing. Now i realize this was an illegal decision, but we had to survive somehow! We had no food. Only our jack knives, the clothes on our back, an etch-a-sketch, and Kristen's purse. By some great good luck we found a fish hook, about 25 feet of fishing line, a weight, a stick, and a pine cone for a float. So we fished. We could see the fish swimming around, great huge things. We could tell they were huge because everyone knows that if fish look small in the water, they are really huge. And they were smart. They kept jumping out in the middle of the lake, taunting us. For bait we had a piece of yellow string on our hook, that looked remarkably like a worm, and a fly that Kris caught. So we sat there and watched the huge fish come closer and closer. They circled. They swam away. They brought their buddies. Then this particularly large one came right up to the hook, and we thought we had him - almost - just another inch - here fishy fishy! - that's right - nibble nibble - SPLASH! A muskrat dove into the lake and scared it away. We were that close! But, alas, it got away.
okay. who can deduce from that what really happened?

Thursday, September 16, 2004

She stood next to the stall. Her arms buried deep in the midst of some cow covered in udder rub, iodine, and, well, waste. There was also a pair of gloves if you bothered to look hard enough. She was rubbing vigorously in a futile attempt to cure the poor animal of it's mastitis. It was then she noticed him looking at her. A cheeky smile upon his face. She should have expected his next question. But because she was young, innocent, and different then most, she did not.
"So is Kristen courting anyone?"
the milking machine was turned off, so it was not possible that she had misheard. Yet her reply was unmistakable.
"Who?" Her voice betrayed her disbelief before she had time to hold it down. She knew no Christian. Other then the nine year old in New York. And he could not possibly mean herself.
"Kristen." This time there was no mistaking the name. His smile remained as though he did not fully understand what the shock in her voice had easily conveyed.
Despite a rapidly racing mind she had no time to come up with a more witty reply then,
"No." This time there was she was over disbelief and her voice contained none other then mirth equal to, and perhaps surpassing, his. She found the very idea humorous.
Immediately after the word had passed her full and pale lips she regretted not adding "heck". More adamant.
"That's o.k. Nothing wrong with that."
She returned to her work but something remained on her mind. Was She supposed to think there was something wrong with it? Was every girl meant to yearn after male companionship of a more intimate kind? Did every girl want a boyfriend? How can you possibly have as much fun if you're not single? Especially in the courtship type relationship where it takes forever to get passed holding hands. What exactly was wrong with going through life figuring that if the right person comes along at the right time, that's cool. And if not, more power!
Also another question tugged at her mind. Was it still expected that homeschoolers couldn't possible date? Clearly she was expected to pursue any relationship through courtship. And who freakin cared what you called it anyway. A couple is a couple. Note the period at the end of the sentence.
And what exactly is she doing posting this in her blog anyway?

Saturday, September 11, 2004

have you ever had this feeling that you're playing house on a very major level. Only my current game is a bit different then the ones I played as a kid. First of all, no husband or kid's of my size and intelligence, I need not spend my days cooking. And somehow I don't ever remember needing to go to work in those childhood senerios.
But there definitely are similarities. Heck, I own a house, I drive a car. I shop, do cook on occasion, and even bother with a bit of cleaning now and then. All the same, it's just life in a slightly different way. A different place to come home to. A different set of rules, and a bunch more freedom accompanying that responsibility. Only, I don't think it's quite a fair trade, because it looks like this. I have the responsibility to get up and go to work. I also have the freedom to sleep in if I want to. Somehow the responsibility always wins out.
What else? The Fall Fair came to pass between now and my last post. Ahh, country fairs. Somewhat dull, low quality, and time consuming. Somehow I remember them being a highlight of the year. And it was still o.k. Just not as good as I remember. Probably has something to do with,
A. Not having my typical Fair friend (Cor, and possibly Rach) to wonder around with. Cor got sick (how you feeling, by the way?).
B. Not having entered anything for the first time in absolutely forever.
Anyway, this morning I got up an hour early (meaning 2:15) on accident. Proceeded to get dressed and drive to work before finally realizing my mistake. Blond! So I huddled in my car for an hour until it was really time fore milking. However, the result is currently a very tired me. I did get the afternoon off, and used it to wander the fair. But work went late in the morning. Had to help throw a couple hundred bales of straw. My part on the line was the easy one though, just moving them from belt to belt. Sometimes being the girl comes in handy.
Also a tad sore. Judo has started up again for the year. It's good to have something like that to keep me going. Or not. But yup, I enjoy it. Also remotely thinking of starting hockey this year. Setbacks, I don't think Meg would appreciate me joining the team (she's goalie). I don't want to pay for the priviledge, and I'm not outfitted with equipment. Oh well, it is a great sport though (speaking of which Canada just beat out Russia for the world cup in sudden death ot tonight). But I probably won't even be able to play homeschool hockey this year as work tends to interfere with things I want to do. Oh well, Maybe I'll be able to get it off.
Anyway, perhaps I ought to go be social. So I suppose that's it for now.
And to give me a little more motivation, WOULD SOMEBODY PLEASE COMMENT (even a fake person would be nice *G*)?

Thursday, September 02, 2004

We're being way too crazy and having way too much fun. Here's what we have to say.
Cor-It's good to be home and having a good time with all my good dear weird and beloved friends.
Me-Meg, what do you have to say?
Meg-I don't know
Me-(she's somewhat boring)
Rach-HeyKristen is crazy. Her cell phone just went off and she couldn't figure out how to get it out of her bag to answere it. Yup. oh wait, she got it :) She's still crazy though.
Jen-Kris is awsome, but she should do some serious thinking on the subject of deoderant and personal hygein, I think it would inprove her chances ;P
Me-Jen has to do some serious spelling. She even asked how to spell about three words. And, improve my chances for what?
Sarah-The only reason I am writing on this is because Kris said that she would write and say that I was dull if I did not.And as if that was not enough, she added insult to ingury and stole my chair.If I was not so darn
hyper I would be thoroughly mad.I will go now.Goodbye.
Joy-I don't have a lot to say.