Wednesday, August 31, 2005

When I was little I had an umbrella. I loved it. I would go outside when it rained just so I could use it. And stand dry beneath well I heard the crisp pop of drops landing on plastic.
It had strips of white and blue. You know, classic umbrella style. And on each white strip there was a picture of a little girl also holding an umbrella.
One day something strange happened. Out of the corner of my eye I saw one of the little girls simply disappear leaving one plain strip of white. It happened so quickly. But the little girl that was me was pretty sure it had happened.
And then it suddenly reappeared.
I looked my umbrella over carefully. After a complete investigation it was clear that every white strip had a little girl. And so I lowered myself to a quick search for secret buttons. Even though I was old enough, or just simply logical enough, to know I wouldn't find any.
I let my mind wander to fairies. But only briefly. I definitely knew better when it came to that.
I had no choice but to file it as freak. Imagination. An unexplained phenomenon. And to know that I would get laughed at as childlike source of humour if I tried to tell anyone.
And then I forgot it.
Fifteen years later I've suddenly remembered it. But now I'm too old for it to hold any sense of mystique. Life has taught me a few pretty straight forward explanations. Like, say, blind spots. A phenomenon...maybe. But one completely explainable through science. One that would've intrigued the four year old me. But disappointed me at the "simplicity" of it. To know that there are plenty of people out there capable of telling me exactly what had happened. Something so much more complex, but maybe not so cool, as secret buttons.
But not all is lost. The other day I brought a row of cows into the parlour. Suddenly, from between two of them, falls a pen I'd never seen before. Freak? Imagination? And unexplained phenomenon?
Definitely enough to respark my curiosity anyway.
Maybe when I'm thirty I'll suddenly remember it, grin to myself, and then tsk at the simplicity of the answer.
I hope not. There should always be something to make one wonder.

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