Sunday, October 23, 2005

What's up with me? I'm busy, and I'm sick. That's basically it. On with a crazy life even though I cough 'till it hurts and have an externally chapped nose. But it's nicer then when I had the sore throat.
That said, what I really wanted to tell you is a story. A story about 40,000 children.
Yesterday I got together with a bunch of friends. And one asked us if we'd heard of the Gulu Walk. We had not. I don't know if you have, but it's a walk that was held yesterday to raise awareness. A ten kilometer walk to think of the kids who have to walk from the country to more populated areas every night in an attempt to keep themselves safe from the Ugandan rebel army. These kids are the untold victims of a harsh civil war. Captured and forced to be soldiers and sex slaves.
So my friends held their own Gulu Walk. A small act that won't make any difference. Unless making us think about can help change something somewhere.
I was smart. I didn't go. Because it was hard enough trying to wait up for them to get back. And I'm not resting enough to get better anyway. But also because I was able to stay back and feel perfectly safe. Because I don't need to make a two hour walk every night.
And so maybe that's the good it did. Because suddenly my cold doesn't seem quite so bad. I'll get over it eventually.
realize. (dial-up users beware. The link has a video clip).

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