Tuesday, May 16, 2006

I love it when I can list good things about my life.
1. I spent all day shopping and buying stuff. And not in my hometown.
2. Meg is home for four days.
3. Summer is beginning.
4. I have a four day weekend coming up.
5. There are two cool things I can do tomorrow evening.
6. I have two new cool tapes that I got for 25 cents each.
7. I spent yesterday hanging out and talking with friends I don't see enough off.
8. My future is undecided. And I'm liking it.
9. I'm going to get flames on my car.
10. And my bro is going to help me clean it out.
11. I'm going garage saleing.
That's good things. To even things out a bit my bad list goes as so.
1. I'm sunburnt.
2. I have to work again tomorrow.
3. I can't do both things tomorrow evening.
4. Judo is just about over.
5. I'm going to turn 20 this summer.
6. I'm working this summer well Meg goes to Malaysia.
7. I spent a lot of money today.
8. My future is undecided. And I don't know what I want.
So, before I get myself off my high, I'm going to quit with this list and sign out.

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