Wednesday, January 17, 2007

It is so bloody cold out there. I walk two blocks to work and I can hardly move when I get in. Apparently it got to -39 with the windchill. O.k. That`s cold. I don`t know how dairy farmers here keep on working through that.
Enough complaining? Life is exciting. I`m done at Cegep for the week. This makes me glad. And I`m getting a schedule at Golden Valley. Which also makes me glad.
I get to meet my billet family tonight. Hmmm. Thom won`t tell me anything about who they are except for that I`ll really like where I`m going. He won`t even tell me why he apparently knows this. And Cass apparently told him to send me there. So we`ll see. Updates will be forthcoming.
Meanwhile, group life is fun. Group life is always fun. It`s been a good couple weeks, actually. I think we`re moving on. Which is good.

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