Thursday, December 09, 2010

Foreign Flavour

I think I think I like you
'Cause I really think you're cute
You're sweet but you are edgy
Like you're trying to improve

You smile, hold the door,
but in every conversation
I'm really very certain
you swear without realization

You're genuinely thoughtful,
even when I know you're wasted
Like a new and foreign flavour
that I've never really tasted.

You wear death metal t-shirts.
Yeah, you seem a little shady,
but you really are exceptional
at helping out old ladies.

I think I think I like you,
and I know you think I'm hot.
So this may seem a little crazy...
I won't give us a shot.


Ella Unread said...

Great!!! After doing a lot of thinking I am starting to think (and "mis-advice" my friends about relationships...sometimes liking someone and being liked is not enough ...some things should be better left at the platonic level...

Rohit said...

Not like anything I've read before. Thumbs up!


Kris said...

Thanks guys :).

Ella, I think you picked up on my point even though I wasn't sure what it was myself ;)

Riley Carson said...

Aww, really beautiful!

Tabs A. Geek said...


And, with Ella here.

If I had gone with my instincts instead of listening to the advice of friends of 'just give it a shot', I might not have lost some of the friendships I had.

That was one of the biggest lessons I've learned, and think more would do well to learn it... just because there's mutual attraction doesn't mean a relationship would be a good idea.