Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Broken Pieces

I think of you like yesterday,
a smile on your face.
An array of broken pieces
all but dappled shades of gray.

I think of you as everything.
Deception that was chance.
The thought of what we used to be.
Fading error, trip and dance.

I think of us as nothing,
just the stories that we told.
The passion of a summer's morn.
Open water, flakes of gold.

I ponder.  Pensive.  Carefully,
a thought I should forget.
The heavy rest of midnights past
a glimpse I should regret.

For tightly tangled, hidden now.
Leather boots, my thoughts, this kiss.
The comfort of an autumn day.
So much I must dismiss.


Anonymous said...

'I think of us as nothing'
Wow. That's heartbreaking, given everything that came before and after that line.

Kris said...

Rish... Your comments have always been my favourite.

Jill said...

THe last paragraph was my fave! My new blog URL is:

Tabs A. Geek said...

"So much I must dismiss."

I think that's line that hits me the most. I hate that feeling, the one of knowing that you have to take everything that was and make it in to nothing.

So heartbreaking, so beautiful.

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