Saturday, December 18, 2004

I'm a bit worried about myself as of late. Yesterday I put yogurt away in the cupboard and didn't notice until hours later when I opened it to get out a bag of cookies. For three weeks in a row I've forgotten to bring a magazine for my co-worker. Last night I woke up three times and panicked thinking I was late for work. Wrong hour each time. Once I actually got up and started eating a casual breakfast (even though I was "late") before I realized that I was up an hour early. Don't ask me what I was thinking please, I really wouldn't know. I've gone several weeks without milk because I keep forgetting to get it at the dairy.
I've always been forgetful. Used to drive my Mom nuts. But it wasn't bad to the point that it was effecting me much. Last year I never left my gi at judo. So far this year I've managed it three or four times.
I figure I'm getting alzthimers. Or maybe the loss of brain cells from lack of sleep has finally reached a level where it actually effects me. Or maybe I just have so much more stuff to remember as of late that I'm naturally forgetting more too. That, needless to say, is the explanation I like best.
My lack of Christmas spirit is another issue. I blame it on the lack of snow, and numerous other things. But ultimately it's like I don't have time to be Christmassy. Yesterday the radio DJ said, "tomorrow it'll be a week 'till Christmas". I tell you, I just about freaked out. It can't be. I haven't had time to have December. No!
This Christmas is so different then any in my past anyway. Other then the year I spent in Mexico they were all so predictable, crammed with tradition, secrets, thrills, and baking. I liked them that way. Christmas has come to embody family, free time, and, well, Christmas stuff. Anyone know Christmas in the country? That's my usual Christmas to a tee. One of my favourite Christmas songs. Thanks Roger, you're a part of my usual Christmas too. Just, this year, I guess you get eliminated as well.
I haven't hardly started my shopping. Yikes! How am I supposed to get that picture enlarged by next Friday?
Great picture, by the way. The kinda sappy gift I would never give if I lived it home but now that I don't I can be very mildly sappy on occasion.
I love living on my own. At first it was a bit strange. But now that I've grown into it, it's great. My house is so cool. And on. But once in a while I would like to leave it all for a bit and be a moody highschooler with a dorky family that's determined to live the simple, Christian, straight-forward life.
But, to justify my actions, my family has just simply turned a whole lot cooler since I left. I can hang-out with my sister. Go to hockey games with her, and enjoy it. My brothers and I can wrestle, gossip (yup, they're some of the most notorious gossips I know), and goof off for hours when I go home.

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