Saturday, December 25, 2004

It snowed, on Christmas, and my day off. Could timing, or anything else, be better?
I'm also pretty dead right now, spent the night in my sister's room, meaning I slept less then ideal. Not to mention my brothers were up and eager before seven. The day before, I missed my nap. "Twas busy building a classic rock tape, for someone who will hate it, none-the-less ;)". But it was o.k. Because I got to listen to all those great old hits. John Lennon, anyone? Now, after filling up on turkey, stuffing, and Christmas pudding I find I am very nearly content and would like very much to fall asleep.
So, I find I do not get quite so excited over presents as I used to. But I gotta admit, I still love opening gifts more then I ought to. Or, how much ought I ought to?
I got some good stuff. A great world globe that lights up (I know, it sounds weird, but it's awesome). A local judo sweatshirt, which I very much wanted, area rugs, roller blades, coffee table, lots and lots of cool stuff. No music though. I'm starting to feel like new music but I have no way of knowing what Christian stuff is new, out there, and good. I'm thinking Toby Mac's latest? But only if it's not as driven rap as his last one. I like it, but one disc is probably enough. Meg got wow, and I like the single of his that's on there. Any other suggestions?
so, que otro? I get tomorrow off to. Having two days full of family, food, friends, and new stuff makes for a Christmas worth celebrating. However, it still seems a lot more different then ever before. Not quite as magic, a little more stressful, and some of it a little less exciting.
Best to you all, and Merry Christmas!

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