Saturday, July 02, 2005

O.k. Life has been busy. But nothing that I'll tell you or that would interest you too much.
As a note, someone pointed out to me that I tell people what they think. It's true. I do. But I'd never really noticed before. So now I'll probably be more aware of it. But I doubt that means I'll quit. But you don't care, *G*.
I bought myself an absolutely wicked knife. It was twenty-five bucks at a garage sale. I snagged it for twenty. In my mind I have the perfect knife for myself in mind. The one I would wear on my hip as I travel the world. The one that I would cut up mangos fresh off the tree with, trim my hair with, and generally make good use off. Not to mention it would make me feel a lot more secure well hitchhiking from Saragossa to Venice. This knife isn't quite perfect. It's a little too big. The blade is just about as long as my wrist to my fingertips. And pretty heavy duty. But it's a cool knife all the same.
I worked and slept all Canada day. I'd stayed up the whole night before and then work was heck. Morning shift took five hours. Wacked! And then when I finally crawled into bed and was just asleep my phone rang. But that's o.k. It was really important. Wrong number. And then when I was just about asleep again the j-witnesses came knocking. But amazingly I never did feel too dead. And some things are more important then a good nights sleep. At least when you're young and tough.
I celebrated hardly at all. Mostly just 'cause there was nothing to do. But I'm not quarter as patriotic as I used to be. We're in pretty nice trouble politically. Too bad, 'cause this is still a pretty awesome country other then that. God keep our land! Now let's hold up our end, eh?
I did stick on my best temporary maple leaf tattoo. I also caught the fireworks. Yes to small town spirit! It was actually a really good show. The best I've ever seen here with the possible exception of the millennium. I kept thinking, o.k. grand finale, No? Well right, here it is. This'll be it. k, here's the Grand finale. But then they just kept on firing. I walked back in the warm night air (it actually wasn't raining) wearing my jean jacket none-the-less because it has an awesome flag patch on the sleeve.
What else? Well, my first stint of roomating is over for a bit. It was odd, but worked out. I have to start avoided screaming songs out at midnight. Not to mention my stubborn habit of talking to myself. One morning Cor and I were in our respective rooms (she'd come to work with me) and I started laughing to myself. I was laughing hard, but quietly. And then Cor asks what was so funny. Shoot.
By the way, what was so funny, when I knocked on her door that morning I heard, in a moan, "Just go to work by yourself Kris." Heh. The girl's a bit out of it if you try talking to her at the wrong time.
One evening we were bored and took off up the mountain. We just wanted to see if we could walk from the road and end up in something resembling wilderness. We succeeded. Except the dog barking continually somewhere not too far away. We also climbed the greatest tree, ate saskatoons, and jumped through long grass.
Oh yeah. A cow bit me. Dang! Not really intentionally. But she was being horrible. Horrible I tell you! I was trying to drench her, which means I was sticking my hand in her mouth anyway. But I won. Even if the thing has more muscle in her neck then I have in my whole body.
I named three calves today. I needed a "T" name, and a "A" and "J" name. We have way to many Js on the farm. I settled on Turk, Afro, and Jungle. Exciting, no?
K. This is getting bad. Joel can beat me at ping pong. My rusty childhood tricycle is my front deck. My Eagles tape went missing. I'd just bought it at a garage sale for fifteen cents. And it was good.
Anything else you want to know?
See. I was right. Nothing that would interest you. And I'm hardly scratching the surface.

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