Tuesday, June 21, 2005

I told you summer would make a difference. Except there has got to be better places to swim then mud puddles. And, I suppose, the difference could be made by a nice number of days off.
I sunburned my thighs very very nicely yesterday. And my shoulders turned a glorious red today. That's one part of summer I could live without.
Pah. It will rain tomorrow.
My sister is now graduated. Well, she partied it up anyway. And then went to school on Monday. But that's o.k. She'll make lots of money. Some of us have to be studious goal oriented types. Otherwise we might not be past horse and buggy yet. Although it's my type that got us out of corsets.
Although, when your motivation interfears with cool-sleep-on-the-roof-parties, you might be taking it a little far.
Cor is starting to move into my place. Or, to be more exact. Cor's stuff is starting to move into my house. It's very strange. I've had the run of the place for nearly a year. Although I suppose I get a couple months yet. There will be some advantages of living with someone again. I hope. There'd better be *G*. I did get a stock of body spray in my bathroom. I am happy! I am sarcastic. Although I suppose most people prefer the smell of that over dairy.
I'm thinking of getting Krystal Meyer's c.d. Although I've only heard one song. Anyone heard of her?
Speaking of which, I have a Jars of Clay c.d.! And I'm actually really liking it! And they actually came in a parcel. I love parcels. Especially wrapped in string!
Also speaking of which. Meg got her hands on an old Spice girls tape. It didn't bring back too many memories. We started an anti-spice girls club. Although I don't think we ever did much besides sit around and talk about how we were going to through darts at pictures of them. One song immediately reminded me of a dance some girl did at a local talent show. Meg and I had weird childhoods. We still remember the songs to dances we saw at ten.
Also weird, we knew the names of all the spice girls. Except one.
Scary Spice-The black girl with big curls and skanky clothes
Baby Spice-The blond ditz with short skirts
Sporty Spice-The girl who thought she was an athlete because she wore runners and tight little tops.
Ginger Spice-The bad hair colour job and clothes cut out of fabric samples.
I don't suppose any of you would know the name of the last one? The girl with a super straight bob and not wearing much?
I have the tape now. Although I should get rid of it. It's funny. And so ninties! They were huge in their time.
I can't believe Megan mooned me.

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