Saturday, September 10, 2005

I was singing Larry Norman. Not even his most impactful song, as far as I'm concerned. The one that goes,
I've been shot down/
kicked around/
some people scandalize my name./
But here I am talking 'bout Jesus just the same.
Talkin' bout Jesus. Shouldn't that be what it's about? Talking about Jesus, living for him, putting him first before everything else? Going out and doing what we think he's leading us to.
But it's not. I tell myself that if I was forced to choose I'd stand as a martyr for him. But How could I? When I don't even do the simple act of having time with him regularly in a country where I'm free to do so. When I don't even bother asking him to guide me except when I'm stressed and I need relief. But only to fix my mistakes.
I go through life. I've set my standards. I know where I draw my lines at what's wrong. Still mildly confused when faced with some stuff. But I try to follow the guidelines given to me. But then I don't read them. Because I think I find them boring.
I get caught up in theology. And I think we should learn through it. Study it. Form our opinions. And be able to face the tougher questions. But at which point did it turn from 'Yeah, brother!' to 'Yeah, but do you accept your denomination's doctrine?'.
There's a lot of important issues out there. And they need to be faced. But in the end it needs to come back to what's basic. And what's important.
So let's hear it.
There is love in the red letters/
There is truth in the red letters/
There is hope for the hopeless/
Peace and forgiveness/
There is life, in the red letters/
in the red letters. (lyrics gratis of DC Talk)
And you have no idea how hard it's been for me to keep this post as simple and basic as I have.

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