Saturday, September 03, 2005

When I was younger and hair wraps were big I used to want one. To sit on those lawn chairs at those outdoor markets and have some hippi chick bedeck my hair in my chosen colours. I believe Meg and I tried on our own a couple times. We weren't very succesful.
Which is why I agreed on spontaneousness today. I was wondering the town. Studying graffiti, realizing the college was closed (Sat. Duh), and eating fresh butter buns from the bakery. Oh yes, and visiting the last weekend market of the year. Between not buying eggs and buying half a pound of hot peppers I walked past a table set up by a couple younger girls I mostly know.
"Do you want a hair wrap?"
Laughs. "I don't have much in the way of hair."
"Oh well. Then it's cheaper"
"About how much?"
Shrugs all 'round, "Depends what you want to pay."
I was shown a gift bag full of tangled embroidery thread, and three samples.
"O.k. Where's your longest hair?"
"Oh man. I don't know. Just choose somewhere."
"eeny meeny miny mo."
Five minutes later I handed over fifty cents and walked away. A one short section of my layered hair striped in tangerine and aqua blue.
Maybe they're not quite hippis. And I don't have that long strand that can swing in front of my face anymore. But I have a hair wrap.

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Kris said...

My gosh. I only paid them 50 cents?