Sunday, March 25, 2007

Whew. And here I was a little worried that I'd miss a whole month without a blog update. That hasn't happened since I started this beast.
Thing is, I just wrote a group e-mail too. And I'm a little out of the update spirit. Plus, those of you who read this will already have read that. Anyway, Elk Island is o.k. Ask questions if you have 'em...
Tell you why I friended you- Hmm. I don't know if this one applies. Still, we're related =).
Assosiate you with a song movie- "I love you up to the moon" by Kim...whatever her name is.
Tell a random fact about you- Man, what to pick. You went to art school.
A first memory- Oh man. Umm, One of my earliest memories is you telling me that if I didnt eat my cupcake I'd never get another one. Which was rather scary, thinking of a whole life without cupcakes...
Assosiate you with an animal or fruit-Orange
Ask something I always wanted to know about you- Heheh. Not much that I'm willing to post on the internet.
Why I friended you- 'Cause you started pming, seemed cool, and wouldn't leave me alone =).
Song or Movie- Seventies disco music. Don't really know why.
Tell a random fact-she loves dark chocolate, and drinks a lot of mountain dew energy and red bull. Hang on...Caffine addict! *G*
A first memory-Elly is more defined as the other all Canadian girl. You were her little sister.
Animal or Fruit- one of those white baby seals from the artic.
Something I've always wanted to know-Umm. Nothing particular. Are you glad you were homeschooled?
Cor (I don't know if I should do you since you're not passing it on...=):
Why I friended you-Because I tended to befriend other little girls. Especially if they were nice (early years *G*) and homeschooled tended to up the chances as well.
Song or movie- Oh brother. Can I skip this one? I don't know.
Random fact-She doesn't like people to hear her sing on her own.
First memory- That tobogganing hill when you untangled my snowsuit from the thorns. See, told you that you were nice. And then that picnic at the park...
Animal or fruit-o.k. Somebody has to be a kiwi...
Something I've always wanted to know- once again, I might've asked. Why?
That's all for now folks.

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