Tuesday, May 22, 2007

And it's time to pack again. I like rotation days. I like going new places. I just don't like the packing that has to take place. Doesn't help that we have to completely clean up the house too. I've scored some pretty good stuff from other group members as they clean-out too. But I've also had to get rid of some of my own. The snowboarder in my group gave me her old suit. Which is cool, since I'm completely just throwing mine out. But I was counting on the room it was going to create.
Anyway, point is I'm packing. And it ain't all that fun. For a girl who'd only taken one plane trip before this, and only had carry on at that, I'm getting pretty experianced. I still have the coolest set-up in the group. A 1970's powder blue suitcase I scored for a dollar and my Mom's twenty dollar Wal*mart backpack. Although both the guys only have one piece of luggage so they can haul around their guitars.
So I push all my current belongings in a couple bags, and fly to make a new room in a new town mine again. I like it for now. New experiances, I think it could get addictive. But I'm still glad it's not forever.

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