Friday, April 13, 2007

I'd like to take a moment to commemorate six long years of service from my discman. I remember that Christmas morning, so long ago, when my sister and I unwrapped them together. They matched, except hers was purple, and mine, blue. Back then they were pretty cool. Pretty cutting edge. None of my friend's had one. Most didn't even have walkmans. But my family was pretty on top of the music thing. Priorities.
So, they made that first trip with me to Mexico. This is where the matching blue headphones departed. I think I sat on them well crawling into my bunk. Many years later, and lots of tape jobs, I finally removed them from there possibly-revive state of rest, and threw them out. Still, the discman continued to serve me faithfully. It's main job was several more trips, as well as a brief stint when my sister and I shared a stereo, but had different rooms (I was fifteen but we'd already had a c.d. player for a long number of years). I found a dollar store case (ugly but somewhat functional). It waited it's use patiently in the top of my "filing cabinet" (*G*)
Then, I packed it up with my precious music and brought it with me here. It's place slid quietly to second. The result of advanced technology and my embracing an e-bay mp3. So much more convenient. Small, no c.d. case, no outdated batteries. But still it was important. Especially because my mp3 was one gigabyte, and, as much as it held a lot, there was still a lot of music it didn't fit. Plus, there's something about hard copies. And they're shared c.d. binders. Also, my other new toy (a set of cordless headphones), was a functional part of it's operation.
It survived the first move safely. However, due to lack-of-caution on my part it has suffered a blow in it's latest transport. I found today, one side of it's lid is snapped off. It still plays, just now takes on a crooked lopsided look. If I'm as careful with it as I have been, and should've been, it'll give me more years of service. Meg's passed on many years ago after a series of setbacks including pulling it off the tailgate of the truck.
So, here's to my c.d. player. A memory of bringing me an important part of life, music, wherever I couldn't take my stereo.

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