Wednesday, October 07, 2009

I like hockey. And I'm going to like snowboarding. I guess I need some sort of compensation for the fact that I'm still here.
I've moved into the house. It's warmer. But I'm getting kinda tired of it. I hate to admit this, but I would really love to just be able to move back into my house. Just unpack my stuff, look through my jeans, restock my fridge. I dunno. Just live, you know.
I don't even know if I want to be here. The problem is I don't even know where I do want to be. And it's driving me crazy. I'm taking English. Why? It's almost overwhelming. Why would I be starting something on that small of a scale at 23. I'm kidding myself, and I know it. Go back to school? Not happening! I won't commit, I won't decide, I won't pay for it, I won't bother. And I can't stand it. 'Cause I'm gonna be forty, single, and working at a fruit stand. Seriously. And that's depressing.
And now I'm ranting. And I'm gonna rant. I don't even care. Mom is reading us her old journals. All sorts of crazy stories from when we were kids. It's weird.
Next year I'll be 24. And 24 is old. It's older then 23 by quite a bit. I'm not sure why. It's a bigger difference then 22-23, or even 24-25.
I want to go to south America. I would like south America. They speak Spanish. I like Spanish. Spanish is sexy. Simple, amazing sexy language. I don't care if French is romantic. I don't like it. It's too hard. It sounds funny. And it doesn't make sense. And also, Latinos are more fun then French, I think. Although I did meet some pretty awesome southern French types on my trip.
And I like Quebecers. I don't know why. I'm from small town BC. Seriously, like Les Quebecois? Crazy. See, 'cause being from small town BC I'm not supposed to like Quebecers. And if I spoke French, well, there's never anything wrong with learning another language. And, especially in Canada, French would come in extremely useful.
So I'm 23. And going a bit mad. I really wanted to move to Quebec. But I'm guessing it wouldn't have been a good thing right now in the end. And I'm also living with too many people. I'm not just teasing them anymore. It's basically fighting 25% of the time. I think I'll get tired of sleeping on the couch in a sleeping bag. And going out to the bus any time I want to change my clothes. Plus, there's nothing to do here in the winter. Except, you know, English. Which is just dumb. Oh, and hockey and snowboarding.

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