Monday, October 05, 2009

Maybe I like that no one reads this any more. Maybe I like that I can just allude to what I'm really thinking, or feeling, without having to defend it to anyone. Maybe it's just nice that, even though I laugh and work and tease my brothers, I can sit down and type out a little bit of what's eating at me. And nobody will be affected.
I woke up feeling almost sick this morning after a pretty sleepless night. The crap some people have to go through is beyond terrible. And shouldn't ever have to happen to people. You know, that configuration of cells, that somehow is endowed with emotion, feelings, minds. I know it helps you grow. And I know God can work through it. Pain still sucks.
Not me. Just caring to much about other people and what they're going through. And hating that I can't make it better. Can't really do anything.
Indirectly affected. Indirectly involved.
I want to make specific comments. But I think I better not, 'cause even though nobody bothers with Barefoot in Summer, this is still the internet.
Let's just say I'm glad to have prayer. So many times it's been the only thing I have that feels at all effective.

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