Sunday, January 24, 2010

The typical, once life happens blogging stops.
At least, temporary life in this case.
I have been on the road for a week and a half and the number of experiences we've had have been worth dozens of posts on their own.
I bring you highlights.
1.  Arriving at 1:00 in the morning at Kaitlyn's.  To hear the GPS say, "you have reached your destination", a pretty serious highlight after a ridiculously long drive.  And to have Kaitlyn bouncing around and being the epitome of excited, a very cool thing.  The fold-out bed, even better. 
2.  Cowboy bar and Cowboy swing.  I knew nothing about the genre, and by the end of the night I felt I could dance it.  At least with any sort of a strong partner.  I was amazed at what a strong lead could do.  Such a blast!  Also, being flipped...flipped... by a professional bullrider.  I was pretty impressed.
3. Olympic gym.  Like, gymnasium.  You know, where they train for gymnastics.  I loved having run of it.  Spring loaded mats, rings, bars, foam pit, seriously everything.  Also loved playing on it with Sarah's family!
4. NHL game.  Just the Wilds and they Coyotes.  But the experience was well worth it.  And tickets were about 20 bucks!  The game managed to be exciting despite the lack of competitive vibes.  And sitting there eating popcorn with Sarah and Karen just made it that much better.
5.  Tacos in Mexico.  Authentic Spanish.  I kinda missed it all.  So the little taste was good.
6.  Seeing Sarah, talking to her a little bit.  There's no way to make up for seven years, but it was good to give it a chance.
7. LA basically wasn't amazing.  No serious highlights.  Hollywood sign, kinda cool.  Seeing green after leaving the desert, always nice!  Oh, IHOP!  Pretty much the best time in LA.
8. Quaint San Fransisco.  Can't help but enjoy much of it. 
9.  Hostelling again!  The young international crowd.  The, "Where are you from and what are you doing here" conversation that's been had to many times.
And that's it for now folks.  There's a few more experiences to be had.  And they will be.  Until then, I leave you with these.

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