Monday, January 03, 2011

Judo is a Like

This is not judo,
but you probably don't know that
When I was  seventeen I loved judo.  Basically lived and breathed judo.  I found no better high then a perfect throw or a gold medal and a small town tournament.  I'd get nervous, pumped, determined.  I got in the best shape of my life.

Now I like judo.  I think.  What do I love?  I guess adult life means I don't get passionate about athletic pursuits like I used to.  I almost love dancing.  I know.  From a fighter to a lover.  Tomboy to girl.  I almost love snowboarding.  At least with that you have speed, adrenaline, challenge and a effin' cool image.  I almost love hockey and volleyball.

I'll keep doing judo.  Nothing kicks my butt like a martial arts class.  It's productive, and I like that in a workout.  Best of all, sometimes, I still get the thrill of a perfect throw.

I've learned, for myself, I need commitment.  I learned this through the times I was a complete hypocrite and got badly out of shape (I was mostly out of the country).  I also learned, though, that I'm much happier when I have a physical way to channel my energy.

What I'm saying is this.  Find something to love.  I don't know what it will be.  Maybe you're one of those freaks who gets runner's high.  Maybe you love pilates, rock climbing (this is one I want to do more of), swimming.  Basketball, biking (I do this, but only because it's practical), hiking.  Whoever you are, I'm pretty sure you can find a workout that even you can convince yourself is worth your time.  Parking on the other side of the lot and taking the stairs are good things.  But they shouldn't do more then supplement.

Trust me.  It's worth it to find something you love.

PS, I don't care how good your sex life is.  First off, It probably isn't that great if you're not into any other physical activity.  And it's not gonna make your active lifestyle requirements anyway.  Quit trying to be a smart ass.


London Girl said...

I also love a good martial arts class! I'm a black belt in taekwon-do and know that nothing beats a martial art work out. Do get annoyed with people calling it everything apart from taekwon-do though - it's either karate or kung fu. Do you get that to?

Riley Carson said...

I absolutely used to love Mixed Martial Arts for the same reason you liked judo!

Your PS made me giggle.

Christy said...

I LOVE judo. And I miss it so much. My little sister is on the road to the Olympic team at only 16 and I love watching her compete. I stopped at 16 because I moved away but I love going back home and putting on my gi and realizing that you never forget how to throw a killer harai =)

Tabs A. Geek said...

"PS, I don't care how good your sex life is. First off, It probably isn't that great if you're not into any other physical activity. And it's not gonna make your active lifestyle requirements anyway. Quit trying to be a smart ass."

You can bet if I wasn't at work while reading this I would have fallen out of my chair from laughing so hard.

I need to find something I love that motivates me. I used to love running, but since my lungs were destroyed from a bad case of strep-throat turned bronchitis turned flu, I haven't been able to remotivate myself to train those babies back in shape.

Kris said...

London Girl- Yeah! Us too. Odd, since TKD and Judo are olympic sports! What's worse is the idea that all martial arts will include striking. Judo does not.

Riley- Thanks! Are you going back into MMA? I saw your one post on the gym...

Christy- I love this comment! Good luck to your little sister. I'm a little jealous that you had so much access to the sport! I didn't start 'till I was 17. But harai is one of my favourites too :).

Tabs- Yeah! Find something. It makes me feel so much better.

And, heheh. Glad you appreciated it!

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