Monday, May 02, 2011


This post will not be long. It will not have photos, it will not rhyme, and my wording will not be impeccable. I will not be telling you to vote (my ballot was cast advance) or commenting on certain political developments. This is the first full blog post I am composing via iPad, but my reasons are good.

I am in Prince George, en route in a two week back-country hard-camping road trip to the Yukon. Last night we slept under Jasper stars and watched a hint of northern lights streaking the sky.

I recently turned down a job promotion, met a boy I share a lot of mutual like with, found a room mate with a thirst for adventure and a long history of learning to appreciate each other (we're succeeding). Pre-wrote half a month of paid posts and put my car on the road after biking for a month.

It's nice to have an open road, a full tank of gas and two of the coolest brothers you can imagine to share this with. This is here.


Tabs A. Geek said...

I'm so jealous! I hope you have a blast Kris :)

Alex said...

Kris, I hope that you have an amazing vacation, I am sure that you will. If you manage to keep us updated while on the road, that is geat, but if not, it will be because you are having too much of an adventure. Rock on!

Atley said...

have a good time seeing the world! keep that gas tank full!

Lijington said...

I love the simple things in life..and I love this post..

Kris said...

Thanks so much all!! I'm sitting in the Whitehorse public library at the moment. So far everything as good as expected :).

Anonymous said...

Well, I have to say I'm quite happy about all the wonderful things that have been happening to you. They say things always happen in 3's (both good and bad)

I hope you're enjoying your camping trip and can't wait to read about it!

Also, I had left twitter (i.e. I deleted my old account) and I have recently created a new one. Feel free to follow me @masctasha

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