Monday, June 03, 2013


Brilliant. I got married and quit blogging. I'm a blogging statistic.

 I started out as a single blogger who read other single bloggers.

In all fairness, I was slowing down pretty good long before the conflict-free, recycled diamond ring.

I'm pretty sure I'll never write a Christian-wife blog or a mommy blog. But I guess you never know. A year ago I decided to pursue travel writing. And then I got married instead. I went to Australia, then took a couple courses and started writing full-time. Just not here. I love my job, but I think it hurt my love for rambling posts and Because or Why Not. Who knows what next year will bring.

Now at least three of my RL single friends have started marvellous travel blogs as they start changing the world in Uganda and the Philippines, or just explore the globe on their own terms.

I'm posting this because I still read your blogs. I do. Allison, Tabs, Risha, Alex... Sometime only every few months. But 20sb still taught me to care about people I've never met.

Google Reader is leaving us in July. And then I'm turning 27.

I miss this, but you can't have it all.

I will find a way to continue stalking reading your blogs.

And, Risha. How'd you do on 101? I thought it ended in April, only to find my cut-off was January. I will be making a new list this summer.


risha said...

It makes me glow a little on the inside to see a post on BOWN- I couldn't take you off my Google Reader list (or now my Google Currents) and I'm so glad to hear that you are doing so well and are so happy.
I was not nearly as awful as I thought I'd be on my 101 list- but nowhere near done. I'm creating a much more 'achievable' list to do before I turn 30. Keep you posted. Stay excellent. Xxx

Anonymous said...

Risha! <3!! And thank you. Do keep me posted! I am always thrilled to see posts from you, as well. Although yours are a (little) more frequent.

Alex said...

We all grow from the things we thought we do for a long time. Our posts get few and far between, but fortunately, with the right people, we manage to stay connected!

Anonymous said...
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Tabitha said...

I have a feeling I'll be that blogging statistic too. But that's okay, sometimes, that's just life.

I'm glad things are going well for you though. I almost got an opportunity to write full time, but the hours would have made things insanely difficult for Scott and I, not to mention it would have had a very negative impact on my ability to take my medication.

It's been amazing to witness your journey, and if you ever do become a blogging christian wife, be sure to let me know your blog ;)

Also, if you want to stay connected with me on Facebook, feel free to add me :D I'd love to stay in touch with you on what's going on. You can find me under Tabitha Wells :)

So happy for you! <3

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