Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Tonight my boss and his family are off to see a movie, my sis is also baby-sitting for someone off to see the same movie (that kinda happens when you've only got one theatre in town). Apparently the flick has been packed every night it's played.
Fahrenheit 9/11.
Why the controversy? Why are people so eager to see it? Heck, this is Canada. As close as we are to the States it's surprising that an American movie on American politics and issues would be so well attended. A documentary none the less. This is no Titanic or Lord of the Rings. One has to wonder how eagerly Americans are flocking to theatres.
Not to mention the movie doesn't seem to be very well accredited Even the people (see judo forums discussion) who said it was good said that they felt it was screwing the truth. Then again, there are the miscellaneous bloggers I've read who have said how eye opening it is and how it should be required watching for every American before the election hits. I tend towards the opinion that they would be of the group of people easily swayed to base their vote upon that type of thing. The group who somehow thinks that any documentary must be based entirely on fact and fall for one-sided arguments.
I myself am no Bush fan. But I wouldn't want to be American, because given the choice of Bush and Kerry I'm afraid I would be obligated to go with Bush due to his stands against abortion, gay marriage, and other moral issues. Not to mention the simple fact that he sits as head of the conservatives. But his involvement in many American problems seems very low key and in admirable unless it somehow involves terrorism or missile protection. Still, the biggest issue for me is his war in Iraq which, for various reasons, I don't support. Kudos to Chretian for keeping us out of the mess in the first place.
So there's my once a decade rant on American politics. I don't suppose I'm even allowed to have an opinion on it, especially as I don't claim to be overly educated in the area. But what is a blog for if not to let people know your thoughts?

Oh yeah, and speaking of people who are swayed by one-sided documentarys,
I don't think the American ever landed on the moon.

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