Thursday, August 19, 2004

Well, it's now official. I find myself computerless. Currently at the library. Which is o.k. But I don't have the time to think of anything decent to write. I have the afternoon of work. Very nice. Gives me time to hang uptown, even if it need be only with my sis.
Cousins coming soon. I'm taking a full five days off work to camp up the lake. Rock on. I haven't been up there yet this year, but I've been determined to go. It's always fun hanging out with cousins. Very much a part of summer since they've come every year except maybe one or two. I happen to be the third oldest of nigh thirty. Order, guy, guy, girl (me), guy, guy.
Meg just tells me that a friends friend is going to the next winter Olympics for skiing. I think her name is Leanne. Watch for her. My Dad worked for a guy who was on the juniour soviet union team. But it was back when they were commies so they couldn't compete with other nations.
Speaking of sports in general, Nicolas Gill is out of the Olympics, eliminated in his first fight. Big disappointment, but he wasn't expected to get better then bronze. Just so you know, Nicolas Gill is a judoka. Biggest name in Canada for the sport, and placed silver at the last olympics, I think. I'm working on educating the world. I'm very upset with CBC judo coverage. Despite looking at several schedules I have yet to watch a match.
Anyhow, that's all I have to say. I suppose I'll try to get out another post next time I'm here, even if it's just a newsy rambly one like this.
So, better worse? I'm assuming you'll like the old blog better. But who knows.
Best of luck to the rest of Canada's athletes (we have, like, one bronze so far. Pathetic no? We do so way better in the winter sports).

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