Wednesday, August 04, 2004

I had the most horrible afternoon at work today. And I don't want to talk about it.
But I will, just because it's what happens to be on my mind at present.
See, often cows will get mastitis (city folks (Sped, if you ever come by again) it's a sickness from not getting milked clean). After you find out they have mastitis you treat them (stick needles or whatnot into them) and then milk the treated milk into a separate bucket so it doesn't go into the tank. My biggest fear has always been putting the milk into the tank. And today I did it. I still don't know exactly how it happened. I was pretty sure I had the bucket hooked up to the machine. But it went into the tank somehow, a whole quarter gallon or something *gasp*. Almost half the milk was ruined, and we had to drain it.
The sight was incredible. Fifty gallons of milk pouring from the tank, flooding the floor, and swirling down the drain. I have never seen so much milk in my life. I would have been quite impressed except for it just made me feel sick.
I have prayed earnestly and often that I never put mastitis milk in the tank. So I don't know exactly why it had to happen. Admittedly it doesn't make a girl very grateful.
How honest do you think God likes you to be with him. Does he like you to think, "You know God, I didn't appreciate that. I'm a little annoyed" if that's how you really feel? Because, I, personally, think you better say how you feel, because he knows anyway. But you have to have this constant reminder that, hey, don't get thinking you know better then him.
Still...I really see know reason I had to have that happen...
Beyond that, I'm living in someone else's house again. And they didn't leave internet, so I'm not home very often at all. Lot's of interesting thoughts pass through my head though. I just don't have the time or resources to record them for your reading pleasure. So I guess they'll just have to settle for my real journal, as they have been. Plus, I can say a whole lot more there *evil grin*.

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