Sunday, January 02, 2005

A Few Things I Learned in 2004

-Cows always move faster when you accidentally leave the wrong gate open.
-Never sleep when you can party.
-frozen blueberries are a waste of money.
-When someone tells you to, "grow-up", don't listen.
-Society will win, but rebel against it anyway.
-Potato flakes taste nothing like real mashed potatoes.
-Independence has a high price tag. Buy it as soon as it comes on sale.
-Back windows break if you shut them on hard things, like t.v.s.
-Stay on your check.
-Don't flush paper towel down your toilet.
-English is a good subject if taught right.
-Not thinking about things is easier.
-Easier doesn't mean better.
-Snail mail is good fun.
-Learn to whistle while you work.
-It is possible to live solely on chocolate.
-It is also possible to live without it.
-Life is better if you learn to laugh at it.
-Occasionally it's good to just forget it

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