Saturday, February 19, 2005

On reply to a topic on Canadian identity, what is it. There was some good repies there. This was mine.

Canadians are people who spend have their time explaining to the yanks why they're not Brits and the other half explaining to the Brits why they're not yanks.
And I'm Canadian myself, so I'm allowed to say that.
I'm all for healthcare. I just don't appreciate being overtaxed to pay for other's councilling and abortions. I'm all for letting people live their lives, but I believe marriage always has been, and always should be between a man and a woman. I'm not against medicinal pot, but anyone who thinks kids will be happy to smoke stuff bought at the local drugstore, without going heavier, is kidding himself.
Tim Hortons is owned by an American company and (I think) Molson is melding with Coors. The oldest company in North American (the Bay) is up for sale.
I thank John Cretian for keeping us out of Iraq, but bemoan the taxes on softwood and overkill reaction to one case of bse.
I'm finally proud of our french history. But here in B.C. I know more people (including myself) who know some Spanish, and no french.
We generally don't think we're the best and always right and that our job is to liberate the rest of the world. This is where we differ from those down south. Arrogance and ignorance are not what I consider faults of ours (no, I'm not saying we're perfect. Just that we're not the only ones).
We can proudly wear our flag on our backpacks abroad. And do say "eh". It took me hundreds of tries to learn to draw a decent maple leaf (and strongly suspect that most other flags would be easier to draw decently). But I truly think our flag is nicer then any other. Nickelback is our idea of rockers.
We were some of the first sending troops against Hitler, and didn't let nobody take what was ours in 1812 (although the results would be far different if they tried today). So we don't run around giving people reason to hate us. And I'd like someone to explain how this makes us wimps.
We're proud of how many surviving heritages we can cram into one city.
It gets hot enough in summer. But most of us can build a pretty decent snow fort. And when we get tired of throwing snowballs, we go inside and watch hockey (or is it ultimate fighting. Sometimes I'm not sure which).

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