Saturday, February 26, 2005

Today's subject, extrovert vs. introvert.
Yup, I read and article on it the other day. So a subject that has spent about an hour on my thought list over my life time has been near the top for today.
I've been rating every-body I know. Cor, you are definitely a decided introvert. Sped, you're more extrovert. Ess, I haven't the slightest...extrovert?
Myself, I come out closer to the introvert end. I like my alone time. I can be perceived as quiet if you don't know me. I get crabby at times if forced to spend more then a week with somebody. I don't like phoning people on errands (i.e., the phone company). I don't display my "talents" or lack of, for the world to see. Indeed, is my last sentence not very introverted?
I don't really feel like an introvert inside. Other then the piece of my that revels in an afternoon on the couch with a good book. Extroverts have it easier.
I'm not all the quiet girl. If you know me, I'm loud, opinionated, and often the centre of attention. I like rollercoasters, and listen to rock.
You know what, I really don't have any of this figured out. Which is probably why I've been thinking about it for so long. And which is probably why I shouldn't be posting my lack of decided views on it.
So what's better? Super outgoing, always up for a party (another point, I'm never the first one to say let's go to sleep/home. Chalk up one for Kris the extrovert?) Or reflective and polite? It's not safe to wonder that (so don't. Stop thinking about I tell you).
In my mind, before, it had to do with how you grew up. I'm quiet in any big group because I never spent my adolescence in a room with twenty other kids (and who's not quiet when thrown in a big group of outgoing people?). But now I don't think so. I think if I had I would still be the same. I would just always be around kids I'm always around. Hence I would be the Kristen that you know when you've been around me a bit. Let's talk in circles, why don't we?
I'm not uncomfortable around people. I don't get sweaty at the thought of small talk. I'm not painfully shy. I just think I rate more as an introvert. And I'm wondering about posting this. Because I just don't know. And I don't want the world to think I'm what I'm not. See, introvert. I don't want people to think I stutter (at least, I don't very often anyway ;). But you all know me anyway. Right?
So introvert, extrovert, and whatever that means. Screw it, I'm Kris.

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