Saturday, February 05, 2005

O.k. Just had a killer laugh fest with by bros
Renn; "Man, you cry easy when you laugh"
But it is so true. I shed far more tears through laughter then crying.
The amount of "that was so stupid" stories we have.
Ty had a rope tied from his leg to our dog. And Joe threw a stick for him to fetch. That one was worth a laugh.
K, my parents have finally bought a computer with highspeed so I'm in supreme luxery right now. Not that I live here. But it's still killer nice.
Last night I scored the first goal for my team in a game. One New Years Resolation down. Maybe that's why us humans are stupid enough to chase a hunk of rubber around a slab of ice. Cause the rush of seeing it hit the back of the net is worth it. Like judo, nothing matches that moment when you're playing tori and you know it's about to be a ippon worthy throw. I mean, there's more to that then that. But that certainly doesn't hurt.
Oh yeah, more news on a New Years Resolution. Last herd health I came out with 5 sucessful pregs. Well on my way to my goal of 20 for the year. This made me happy. 'Cause I've probably had more then my share of failures.
And now, dear friends, it is about time for me to pack up and head home. It's naught but short hours 'till I return for am shift. *yawns*.

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