Tuesday, June 07, 2005

How many of you read?
*counts hands*
O.k. How many of you are reading a book. Innocently. Caught up in the plot, maybe. Possibly enjoying the professional building of characters. And you come to a passage?
*counts hands again*
O.k. Now how many times is that passage incredible? So good that it makes you stop and re-read it. Enjoy the string of words. So perfectly does it seem to say what it's trying to. So well does it convey some meaning. Some part of life. Some emotion. You only wish that every word spoken was so well done. So nearly right. Something that made you want to stop, and enjoy it one more time?
And when you read it all you want to do is stop somebody and read it out loud to them? Hand them the open book so they can enjoy it from themselves. Write it out and pass it around. Make sure everyone has an equal chance to appreciate, savour, those words that hit something in you?

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