Saturday, June 04, 2005

Man. I cat-walked this ancient old tractor. I didn't know that was possible. And it had a turner hooked up to the back. I guess you just crank up the throttle and drop the clutch fast. Probably a very special tractor. I suspect it's been around since the fifties. I've never cat-walked much before. I can't even do my bike half properly most the time.
The tractor is great. The muffler fell out. But I was able to fix it by jamming it back in well trying to protect my hand with my shirt. Which was mildly awkward. It's emergency brake was a stick attached to an unused lever with a piece of wire. You push down the brakes and then try jam the stick in there.
Speaking of unused levers. It seems everything at my farm has at least six of them. I don't know if this is typical. But it seems odd. Do the makers of farm machinery purposely throw in a few buttons, switches, sticks, for the heck of it?
"K Kris. This is the mixer. Umm. There's the key. We don't use this. here's how you move forward. No, we don't use that pedal. Just this here. Umm, K, this doesn't do anything. Oh, this is broken. This, oh, that does nothing. Here's the levers for the front and side. You pull on this vise grip to move the conveyer. That toggle has to be switched to get the box to turn. No not that toggle. The one above it. That toggle, what is it for? I don't think it does anything. Don't worry about this stick. Heh, and this is completely useless"
He moves, flicks, pushes everything to show what it does, or in most cases, does not do.
"Either of those is right. Just push 'em and see what works."
This tractor didn't even have half the hoses from said levers. But she still ran. She was a nice little tractor. And I like turning. You just drive around in circles over the rows. And the little machine on the back promptly picks up the hay and spits it out a few feet over. Very cool. Helps that it was evening and there was a nice breeze blowing.

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