Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Getting ridiculously bored around here. I sprained my ankle two days ago at volleyball. Worst sprain of my life, which is saying quite a bit. Lucky, I guess, it didn't happen a week ago. This way I miss only a few days of my family being here, and only a few days of cherry picking. It's just getting fatter and worse, which is a little depressing. Then again, I lost patience on it pretty quick. I'm actually learning how to hobble around on my crutches.
People are huckleberrying. I am playing clue with Mike and Pigweed, reading, and wasting time on this here computer.
It's raining part of the time, though. I suppose that's in my favour.
It's been a good summer. Except that it's not nearly long enough, as usual
I have done a fairly decent job fitting in the things I wanted to do. I hope this foot heals within a reasonable time span (ie, end of the week), 'cause I'm pretty sure I could fit more ine. At least if this rain stops.

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