Friday, August 07, 2009

It's time for the, "I'm too busy and my cousins are here" post. This year it has a special twist. It's also the, "I get to be a super cool cherry picker" post as well.
No camping this round. Sad, but true. Their visit was pretty last minute. They laugh at those of us who get out of bed at quarter after four and go hang with the hippies. I'm pretty sure they go to bed right after us and then brag about the late night parties.
It's pretty usual. Lot's of laughing and wrestling. Tons of volleyball and river time. The biggest difference is I'm working and the lack of camping. Things don't really change all that much.
The cherry picking, it's good to be back. It's working to have my sister as crew boss, and my cousins as swampers. In fact, it's pretty much awesome. I'm faster then I remember, and all is well.
A quote from Abby. "How often do we get a chance to have a cousin summer like this."
Jan and Brian are living here. Jan in the bus with Meg and I, Brian in the basement. One big happy family. It's awesome to have them, and all of us back here. I need to appreciate it well I can!

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