Sunday, September 06, 2009

Have currently given up on my plans. Not given up on plans all together, but quit trying to make them happen for the moment. It just wasn't working, and I'm still having fun here. I do have one pending request, and that is rooming for a few months with a girl a met in Romania. I contacted her then-boyfriend whom we hung out with a fair bit when we ran into him again in Turkey. There are three of them in the apartment right now, and Sam comes home now and then. I'm oddly, considering the effort it took to try secure the spot, hoping it doesn't go through. Just too much bother. I may end up going to Quebec on a whim at some time anyway. But I really very much don't want to inconvenience anyone.
I remember, at the beginning of the summer, saying that the only thing that I wouldn't be all to readily willing to do was if God wanted me to stay in town. I may be overcoming even that point.
I still don't have any job I want to do. And that's a big one for me. Challenging and possibly meaningful work is important to me. I feel so much better in general when I'm working. Plus, it helps fund all these other escapades I keep embarking on.
I ran into an old co-worker who wants me to housesit in November, so that's one thing to keep in mind. I do have a job opportunity packing apples just for a few weeks. It may not sound challenging and meaningful to you, but it would keep me busy, get me in shape, and be shorterm enough that I wouldn't get bored of it. Also, as much as I say I just want plans and just want to be able to leave, Creston in fall in beautiful, and being part of harvest is meaningful.
So, I don't know right now. I've done some crazy things, like call random Montrealers I barely know. And everything is still up in the air despite my best efforts.

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