Tuesday, September 15, 2009

I can't get back in the groove. I come on here once in a while, and type what I'm kinda thinking that applies directly to what I'm doing, with absolutely no artistic bent in the least. Things are being rather stressful, because it's not letting me have anything to stress about. I've started a job that was dropped in my lap, and had all my travel plans go rather awry.
Today was my first day as a fruit stand... attendant? Employee? Anyway, I'm working packing apples, stocking peppers, and helping a lot of Albertans. Good place to work. Great boss. Temporary position. At least sort of.
But aren't you supposed to progress with you life as you get older? I could probably have gotten this job if I was 15. That sounds so snotty, and I'm sorry. I love varying my work. And I am greatful for this job. But why? It's not what I meant to do. I'm stuck I think. And I don't just mean on this blog.

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