Tuesday, November 03, 2009

I should change this blog's name to "lost in the middle," or some such thing. It seems as though that's been where it's sat since I started up again. The true adage, we blog when we've no life to blog about.
So the new mini twist on the girl who had a life and lost it. (because a full twist would denote something exciting. Something turning this story around. Therefore, we may not call this a twist, but I will take the liberty of throwing it in there with a preceding "mini")
jobless 23 year old living with her parent's buys car. Actually, I could try to put my usual negative spin on this. It would be quite easy, actually. But I won't be bothered. Because I love having a car! I have missed having a car! And it's been a good three years. Time doesn't ease off!
So I'm again driving a civic hatchback. A little newer this time. A lot newer, actually, then I am. It's drives nice. It looks nice. And it should be as reliable and cheap as any other civic we have ever owned (there are currently three in the family!).
Anyway, on the down side, I don't have a job. Do I want one? My old restaurant is hiring. But it's for evenings and weekends. I specifically didn't want to give up my evenings and weekends this year. I missed my last winter at home.
I actually don't even want to be here. I really don't. I'm still stuck in the middle. Now what?

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