Thursday, July 29, 2004

What do you think about spirit?  I don't mean soul, as in the part of you that heads out after you're dead.  I mean that something in you. 
Does spirit only refer to the rebels in us?  The dreamers and doers.  How about the term "free spirit"?  Can someone's spirit be their piousness or gentleness?
Can a spirit be broken?  Is it wrong to break someone's spirit?  Is it better to have your spirit broken (I'm speaking mostly to the rebels here)?  Doubtless it's easier.  Can any spirit be broken?  If not how come it's in the young that the stuff seems to abound?  Does it naturally mellow out with age and experience?  Is it broken or just contained to the point where it seems natural.
Does this spirit even exist?  Is it just the fiestiness of those who won't bend and don't know their limits?  Maybe it's just a term for those who still have fight left in them. 
Is it actually something your born with?  Why do some of us seem to have more then others?  Can you learn to resist it early?  How do we know if we have "spirit".  Or do we all have spirit, just different kinds?  Is it something we should try to keep?  Even think about?  Or is it natural? 
Heh, I don't have the answers, but enough opinions to last awhile.  But I'll let you come to your own conclusions.

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