Saturday, September 11, 2004

have you ever had this feeling that you're playing house on a very major level. Only my current game is a bit different then the ones I played as a kid. First of all, no husband or kid's of my size and intelligence, I need not spend my days cooking. And somehow I don't ever remember needing to go to work in those childhood senerios.
But there definitely are similarities. Heck, I own a house, I drive a car. I shop, do cook on occasion, and even bother with a bit of cleaning now and then. All the same, it's just life in a slightly different way. A different place to come home to. A different set of rules, and a bunch more freedom accompanying that responsibility. Only, I don't think it's quite a fair trade, because it looks like this. I have the responsibility to get up and go to work. I also have the freedom to sleep in if I want to. Somehow the responsibility always wins out.
What else? The Fall Fair came to pass between now and my last post. Ahh, country fairs. Somewhat dull, low quality, and time consuming. Somehow I remember them being a highlight of the year. And it was still o.k. Just not as good as I remember. Probably has something to do with,
A. Not having my typical Fair friend (Cor, and possibly Rach) to wonder around with. Cor got sick (how you feeling, by the way?).
B. Not having entered anything for the first time in absolutely forever.
Anyway, this morning I got up an hour early (meaning 2:15) on accident. Proceeded to get dressed and drive to work before finally realizing my mistake. Blond! So I huddled in my car for an hour until it was really time fore milking. However, the result is currently a very tired me. I did get the afternoon off, and used it to wander the fair. But work went late in the morning. Had to help throw a couple hundred bales of straw. My part on the line was the easy one though, just moving them from belt to belt. Sometimes being the girl comes in handy.
Also a tad sore. Judo has started up again for the year. It's good to have something like that to keep me going. Or not. But yup, I enjoy it. Also remotely thinking of starting hockey this year. Setbacks, I don't think Meg would appreciate me joining the team (she's goalie). I don't want to pay for the priviledge, and I'm not outfitted with equipment. Oh well, it is a great sport though (speaking of which Canada just beat out Russia for the world cup in sudden death ot tonight). But I probably won't even be able to play homeschool hockey this year as work tends to interfere with things I want to do. Oh well, Maybe I'll be able to get it off.
Anyway, perhaps I ought to go be social. So I suppose that's it for now.
And to give me a little more motivation, WOULD SOMEBODY PLEASE COMMENT (even a fake person would be nice *G*)?

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