Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Currently life is a bit different then I've known it for the past few years (go figure). One of the differences is I actually can always find some sort of productive thing to fill every waking hour. Which means reading becomes a novelty. Sitting about is an absolute time waster. Hanging out with friends is a survival tatic. And one which is on my list above cleaning and such. I've letters that were meant to be written weeks ago, books that are months old and still untouched, and boxes sitting on my kitchen floor.
I remember last year I would anticipate judo simply because there was nothing much to fill my time as it came. Now I anticipate it because it's a fun break in a crazy life. Sleep is actually a limited part of life. I never find time to lie on my bed and listen to music. Cooking is and interesting idea of something people with time do. The rest of us eat mini-wheats, yogurt, and chocolate chips. Somewhere along the line shopping, cleaning, and organizing the bathroom wriggled their way onto my "to do" list. Not near the top, admittedly, but there none the less.
I think I can manage it verily well. My priorities are perhaps in different order then most housekeepers. My morning nap (say, 8 to 11) comes in above most other. I always knew that when out on my own I wouldn't be one to panic because the floor needed mopping. And I would certainly never turn down a good time because I had errends to run. I do that enough due to work.

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