Thursday, September 16, 2004

She stood next to the stall. Her arms buried deep in the midst of some cow covered in udder rub, iodine, and, well, waste. There was also a pair of gloves if you bothered to look hard enough. She was rubbing vigorously in a futile attempt to cure the poor animal of it's mastitis. It was then she noticed him looking at her. A cheeky smile upon his face. She should have expected his next question. But because she was young, innocent, and different then most, she did not.
"So is Kristen courting anyone?"
the milking machine was turned off, so it was not possible that she had misheard. Yet her reply was unmistakable.
"Who?" Her voice betrayed her disbelief before she had time to hold it down. She knew no Christian. Other then the nine year old in New York. And he could not possibly mean herself.
"Kristen." This time there was no mistaking the name. His smile remained as though he did not fully understand what the shock in her voice had easily conveyed.
Despite a rapidly racing mind she had no time to come up with a more witty reply then,
"No." This time there was she was over disbelief and her voice contained none other then mirth equal to, and perhaps surpassing, his. She found the very idea humorous.
Immediately after the word had passed her full and pale lips she regretted not adding "heck". More adamant.
"That's o.k. Nothing wrong with that."
She returned to her work but something remained on her mind. Was She supposed to think there was something wrong with it? Was every girl meant to yearn after male companionship of a more intimate kind? Did every girl want a boyfriend? How can you possibly have as much fun if you're not single? Especially in the courtship type relationship where it takes forever to get passed holding hands. What exactly was wrong with going through life figuring that if the right person comes along at the right time, that's cool. And if not, more power!
Also another question tugged at her mind. Was it still expected that homeschoolers couldn't possible date? Clearly she was expected to pursue any relationship through courtship. And who freakin cared what you called it anyway. A couple is a couple. Note the period at the end of the sentence.
And what exactly is she doing posting this in her blog anyway?

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