Saturday, October 09, 2004

For some reason I'm not quite ready to go back to work tomorrow. Not that I reallyreally mind but it feels like it should be a day off. For whatever reason. It will look something like this.
2nd Thanksgiving dinner at friend's (Did John tell you I called?)
But I suppose I didn't really come on here to say that.
Thanksgiving. a few things to be thankful for (and only a few)
my family
my friends
my house
my car
my job
my freedom
my life
my health
days off
and much much more
2 things I wanted to share about work. Positive, of course.
1. When I go to bring in the mastitis cows there are two little calfs in the pen next to them who run up when they see me. I scatch their ears and then they suck my fingers. In a way it almost tickles and simply makes me chuckle in glee (plus, it helps that I'm usually mostly awake by this time)
2. I threw straw yesterday. And it was glorious. The sun started to come up. My breath was creating miniture clouds in the air. If felt so country and farmer. I got in the rythm. place hands, pick up, rotate, set down. It was just genuine, and alive. And somehow right with the world.
But now they want me to do hay tomorrow. To anyone who doesn't know, hay is a heck of a lot heavier.
Ah well. Thankfullness, Kris. Thankfullness.

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