Monday, October 18, 2004

Gossip is vicious. Yup we all know that. Gossip is evil, we know that too. And, we all know the argument that it's mentioned in the same sentence as murder when it comes to the bible.
So what is gossip? I have come to the conclusion that it's a deliberate tearing down of someone. There's the telling of facts, maybe it isn't right, but I don't think it's as wrong as malicious spreading of rumours. I live in a small town where "gossip" is rampant. I know everyone else's reputation. I know their weaknesses, what every one hates about them. What they think about them. I know who likes who, who's going out, who's breaking up. So and so smokes, what's 'is face is engaged, those people's wedding is off. Little tidbits float around. Sometimes I hear them later then most, sometimes earlier. Generally I hear someone's rendition of someone else's tale. People generally don't come up and tell me about themselves. I think they'de be smarter to. That way I know it, they know I know it, I know I've gotten facts, and they'de have control over my first immpressions.
I havn't done much worth whispering about. But I know bits of me get talked about to. What annoying traits I have. Why I am this way, what I should change. Weather or not I make good decisions, ect. And I'm even one of the least exciting people around. Not much in the way of scandals here, I'm afraid.
Then there's the real caring gossip. Where you actually want to help somebody (rare).
Or the helpful gossip (watch you belongings, 'cause he shoplifted from my mom's work).
Or the curious gossip (Did she, really? No. Wow.)
whatever of that qualifies as gossip, that is.
Everything is just generally discussed. And backs covered (but I don't think she could help it)(it's not his fault)(but...). Private opinions voiced (it's digusting)(That's something they didn't want to bring out)(Man, the kid is 15).
Everything is generally discussed. And it doesn't really bug me. A friend said "I gossip about everyone and I know they're gossiping about me." It would just be nice if, sometimes, people would just, you know, talk on occasion.

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